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9 Skincare Innovations + Glowing Beauty Discoveries
June 2017

Harnessing the power of red light, this handheld wonder is designed to be used for three minutes a day to boost collagen production while simultaneously combatting fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture.

What Does Collagen Do For Your Skin? Here's How You Can Stimulate Its Production
May 2017

A treatment option that you can have done at a dermatologist's office or even do yourself at home is light therapy. According to Drs. Shetler and Falsetti, "Light therapy uses infrared rays (but no UV rays) to stimulate blood circulation, boost collagen production, and enhance the natural ability of your skin to heal."

9 Anti-Aging Products So Good They Don’t Need Flashy Packaging
May 2017

Many high-tech skin gadgets are now decked out with sleek packaging and rose-gold accents. This anti-aging light isn't one of them, but the results are about as good as you can get with an at-home device.

SkinClinical featured in GQ's winter skincare survival roundup
January 2017

SkinClinical Extreme Healing Daily Treatment was one of nine products in GQ’s winter skincare survival roundup to soothe skin and protect you from the low temps, high altitudes, and icy winds.

We Tried 6 New Anti-Aging Skincare Devices—Do They Work?
December 2016

The difference with the Reverse is that it uses medical-grade light of the same intensity that you'd find at the dermatologist's office or a medi-spa—an impressive spec that has allowed me to overlook its bulky size and weight…the speedy results of this specimen are undeniable: It even managed to knock out those pesky forehead lines in a few weeks.


7 Winter Skin Conditions You Can Fix With One Single Product
December 2016

Win the battle against the harsh touch of winter with this powerful product! With 101 powerful skin-healing uses (yes, you read that right), they can revive even the most damaged winter skin to get you through the season.

The Talk on CBS
July 2016

The Talk’s studio audience was treated to a free SkinClinical Reverse Light Therapy devices as part of the show’s fabulous finds segment.

Celebs are loving this controversial gadget
June 2016

L.A. facialist Shani Darden, who treats Alba, Rowland, and Stone, among other stars, is a big proponent of at-home LED masking and has passed it down to her clients.  Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Harry Glassman, MD, launched the SkinClinical Reverse system, and has impressive clinical trials backing up its efficacy.

Winner of 2016 Innovator Award: Best in SkinCare
March 2016

Called the Fountain of Youth - This hand-held device delivers medical-grade intensity to treat fine lines and wrinkles.