April 29, 2020

How This Patented Ingredient is Healing Psoriasis

A person affected with psoriasis experiences daily skin discomfort, ranging from extreme itching to red or inflamed skin. It is a common skin condition that affects millions, but many don’t have an affordable and effective solution to combat all of its symptoms.

The symptoms of psoriasis are a result of changes in the lifecycle of skin cells. These cells end up rapidly accumulating at the surface of the skin, leading to inflammation, cracking, itchiness, and other uncomfortable side effects. The solution to healing all of these must be a multi-faceted product with elements that work in tandem to repair the surface of skin.

The Solution

You’ve probably never heard of SBD-4. But this miracle ingredient is the secret behind curing and preventing psoriasis-related skin conditions.

So what is SBD-4? It is a combination of organic phytochemicals, including arginine, peptides and hyaluronic acid, and is extracted from the Angelica sinensis root that grows naturally in Asia. The ingredient is proven to boost the skin’s ability to create a strong barrier, thereby contributing to greater overall skin health. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced oxygenation
  • Better cell regeneration
  • Increased microcirculation
  • Rich in a-hydroxy acids

The patented ingredient was developed by SkinClinical co-Founder, Dr. Harry Glassman. After working closely with patients, the renowned doctor started SkinClinical to explore alternatives to surgery for their skin conditions. He is committed to providing surgical-level effective results to solve even the most serious skin conditions, all outside of a doctor’s office.

SBD-4 is the holistic solution to healing and preventing the symptoms of psoriasis. According to Glassman, “SkinClinical is so effective because of three elements; first, the lotion increases microcirculation, second it is very rich in hyaluronic acid and third, it contains the amino-acid arginine which maintains and repairs the surface of your skin.”

The Proof

SBD-4 has undergone extensive third-party testing and clinical testing to ensure its safety and effectiveness. The nation’s leading medical research agency, the National Institute of Health, funded the clinical studies.

The organization is highly selective with its research, electing only to fund studies that are considered to have the potential to drastically improve the public’s health. SBD-4 and the Extreme Healing lotion earned the NIH’s attention and approval, demonstrating the power of this moisturizer to be the solution of even the most complex and extreme skin conditions.

In a clinical test performed by third-party researcher, The Benchmarking Company, the true impact of the lotion was revealed. Over the course of 45 days, 11 patients ages 58-80 years old were observed as they used the Extreme Healing lotion at Springhouse Skin Research Center in Philadelphia. The results were as follows:

  • 100% said Extreme Healing instantly moisturizes skin
  • 98% of participants said Extreme Healing led to softer and smoother skin
  • 97% saw improvement in their skin’s hydration
  • 95% felt their rough and damaged skin was soothed
  • 93% said Extreme Healing relieved their itching, redness, and irritation
Before and after image from NIH study

People that have used the products with SBD-4 have elected to rave about them. Barb S. gave it 5 stars and said, “I have been using this cream for psoriasis and it has pretty much cleared it all up. It works great."

Susan’s story also attests to the transformative power of SBD-4. 95% of people have said their psoriasis-affected skin was more manageable when using Extreme Healing. For anyone suffering from psoriasis-related skin conditions, a routine combining Extreme Healing and Daily Restorative is they key to relieving even the most severe symptoms.

The Product

Dr. Glassman’s Extreme Healing Repair Concentrate uses a higher dosage of SBD-4 for the most effective targeting of psoriasis-related skin conditions. Using the Extreme Healing concentrate in tandem with the Daily Restore Hydrating Lotion is the ultimate combination for restoring psoriasis-affected skin’s moisture, enhancing regeneration, and relieving the discomfort of itching and irritation.

The Daily Restore lotion also contains SBD-4 (though at a lower concentration) for daily application that can be used across the whole body. With Extreme Healing as the core of your psoriasis skin treatment, and Daily Restore used to enhance its results, your overall skin health is proven to drastically improve.

With clinical trials conducted on every product and a 90-day sitewide, money back guarantee, you can be confident that SkinClinical products will deliver their promised benefits.


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