Dr. Glassman


Dr. Harry Glassman is a world-renowned Cosmetic surgeon who has practiced his specialty in Beverly Hills for the past thirty-five years. He has achieved universal recognition and esteem as a noted authority in his field. His work has involved dealing with a wide spectrum of skin issues, skin problems and skin types. His career has also encompassed reconstruction of congenital birth defects, repairing damage from serious injury, and correction of cancer defects including skin cancer removal/reconstruction.

Dr. Glassman’s interest in skin care stems from his years of discussions with patients regarding a variety of simple as well as complex skin problems, as well the inevitable changes as a consequence of aging and exposure to the environmental elements over time. The result has been years of research and clinical trials aimed towards helping his patients not only before and after surgery, but also as an alternative to surgery.

Dr. Glassman co-founded SkinClinical to bring his breakthrough proven scientific technology not only to his patients, but also to consumers in the Beauty and Medical Sectors. He founded SkinClinical on the premise of combining the most effective, concentrated, patented ingredients from both science and nature to deliver visible results outside of the doctor’s office, without a prescription.

Dr. Glassman is the founder of NOVA Surgicenter and Medical Director of Thibiant Institute of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Glassman holds an M.D. from Hahnemann Medical College, and received his Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery training at U.C.L.A. Medical Center, and the Clinique du Belvedere in Paris, France.
"My goal is to discover the most effective skin care products to truly help heal and transform your skin."